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afraid of a dentist? | Stomatology Center

Are you afraid of a dentist?


Many patients who have a painful experience of dental treatment in the past or a traumatic impression of staying in the dental chair are looking for dental care, free of pain and fear. Those who suffer from fear of dentists or excessive fear, can take sedation from the dentist to avoid negative emotions. Our clinic guarantees you that your visit to the dentist will be relaxing and enjoyable. If you are completely calm and relaxed, it is much easier for a dentist to do that work for one or two visits, which without sedation could take weeks.

There are many types and degrees of dental sedation; the technique of sedation in dentistry depends on the volume of treatment and the degree of anxiety of the patient. The dentist will offer you what you need.

Sedation in dentistry is the use of anesthesia during treatment to immerse the patient in a relaxed state, almost in a dream. Sedation in dentistry is often used during procedures that require prolonged sitting in a chair, and sedation is extremely important for patients who experience dental fears or can not control their movements well. Some types of sedation in treatment only allow you to get rid of anxiety or immerse the patient in sleep so that he does not experience pain during treatment.

Sedation in the dentistry allows you to be calm, so that you do not experience pain when you need dental surgery or other procedures. Sedation in dentistry can help you if you have sensitive teeth, fear of dentists.

Guarantees of safe treatment:

Infection control and sterilization

Proper sterilization and universal precautions protect both customers and staff. Everyone benefits from strict infection control – you, your dentist and the entire staff of the clinic. The cornerstone in good and safe dental practice is the element of trust. You should be able to freely discuss this topic with our team and get a direct answer. Our entire team follows the protocols recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the European security norms.

These measures include:

Application of disinfecting hand soap

Gloves and face masks

Chemical disinfection of table tops and surfaces

Sterilization of all equipment before each use

Disposable materials

We sterilize all reusable equipment, including dental handpieces. To do this, we use an autoclave, a device that kills bacteria and viruses with steam, heat and pressure.

The best prevention of diseases is awareness. The more you know, the wiser decisions you can take about protecting your health. The more you know about our daily procedures and domestic policy, the more comfortable you will feel at our clinic.

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