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Surgical Dentistry | Stomatology Center

Surgical Dentistry


The Dental Center provides various services in the field of surgery, which, first of all, are aimed at the tooth preservation and its restoration. Modern technologies and the professionalism of our team make it possible to make any, even the most complicated procedure, comfortable and maximally painless for any patient.

Surgery for adults

Surgeries are carried out in those cases when the usual treatment becomes powerless. But tooth extraction is not always necessary, in most cases it is enough to remove only its damaged part. For the prevention and elimination of diseases, our clinic specialists carry out a number of surgeries to preserve the tooth. These are:

  • Removal of a part of the tooth together with the root;
  • removal of the cyst over the apex of the root;
  • removal of the root of wisdom tooth;
  • • partial removal of the infected root

Complete removal of the tooth occurs only if it is absolutely not a subject to recovery and its presence significantly worsens the general condition of the body.120x120

Specialists of our clinic conduct:

  • removal of molars of different complexity;
  • painless removal of the wisdom tooth.

All procedures are performed using local or general anesthesia and take no more than 30 minutes of time. The drugs used for anesthesia have all the necessary certificates and meet the European quality standards.

Surgery will provide your teeth with a “second life” or get rid of the problem forever

Our clinic carries out the teeth removal of varying complexity, as well as the removal of wisdom teeth. Surgical dentistry also includes a complex of procedures for the treatment of all kinds of inflammatory processes, oral cavity tumors, preparation for the implantation of implants.

All operations are painless and with the use of high-quality drugs of local anesthesia.button-24843_640

We bring to your attention the acquisition of the Dental Center – Piezon Master – an ultrasound device for surgery or a piezosurgical device.lazer

Piezosurgery is the advanced method of performing surgical manipulations in dentistry, such as tooth extraction, bone grafting and implantation of teeth. The tissue incisions are carried out with the help of ultrasound so that the surrounding gums, vessels, and nerves are not injured, and the incision is made as thinly and precisely as possible. The main advantage of piezosurgery is a guaranteed and predictable result, both in the treatment and in the implantation of teeth.

Advantages of piezosurgery:

– high accuracy of the operation.

– minimization of injury in surgical intervention.

– Minimization of postoperative edema, bleeding, soreness.

– increasing the speed of surgical manipulation.

– antibacterial effect of ultrasound.



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