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Professional Hygiene | Stomatology Center

Professional Hygiene and Laser Teeth Whitening, Air Flow Teeth Cleaning


The Dental Center provides high-quality dental services, including professional oral hygiene. This procedure has long been absolutely painless and comfortable for the patient, resulting in only a pleasant sensation. In addition, thanks to modern equipment and the professionalism of our doctors, it takes no more than 30 minutes of your time.

What is a laser teeth whitening?


Laser teeth whitening is one of the types of office professional whitening, which is used exclusively in the clinic and is performed directly by a doctor. It is worth reading on the Internet reviews about laser whitening to understand that it is very similar to photo-whitening. First, a special whitening gel is applied to the front surface of the teeth, and then the doctor activates it with a laser beam, treating each tooth with the laser for 1 to 2 minutes. On average, the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes, if necessary, after a while it can be repeated.


Whitening and the AirFlow system.


Very often you can hear that whitening hurts and spoils your teeth. It is not always so. Let’s take a closer look. The use of many earlier methods, especially the use of systems at home, can often thin and destroy tooth enamel. Modern methods of bleaching reduce this to a minimum.

Befor16e this procedure, it is always advisable to have a check with the doctor and, if necessary, finish the treatment. It is not superfluous to remove dental depositions.

Our clinic uses the gentlest and soft whitening system – AirFlow, which means the removal of dental depositions, without damaging the enamel. Thanks to this system, you get clean teeth, while natural whitening occurs (clarification occurs also in a more natural form for 1-2 tones). AirFlow-accessible and almost painless procedure, you can repeat it every six months.

Our doctors regularly take courses and improve their qualification level, they possess all the skills and novelties necessary in the work, and individually select the treatment for each patient.

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