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Preventive Dentistry | Stomatology Center

Preventive Dentistry


Modern technology and high-quality painkillers will make you  feel comfortable during the procedure, and after it you will be able to continue your day without feeling any after effects and side effects.

Timely cosmetic dentistry will give a beautiful and shiny  smile.

Our teeth from day to day, perform their work, helping to function the digestive system and forming the purity and quality of our speech. If we could not give each other our beautiful radiant smiles the world would be boring and gloomy! Having taken care of health, do not forget about the appearance of your teeth. In order for your smile to shine with beauty and health, the specialists of our Center provide aesthetic dentistry services, which include:

Art restoration with anatomical restoration of the tooth shape;6

Traditional and laser whitening;

Veneers onlay;

Teeth docoration.

With the help of manual restoration, we can repeat the natural shape of the tooth as much as possible and to ensure the ideal appearance of the teeth front part.

Teeth restoration can be done in a direct and indirect way.
Direct teeth restoration is carried out directly in the patient’s oral cavity. For this procedure, the Dentistry Center uses restoration materials as sealing materials for light curing (helio composites, photo composites) of the last generations. The dentist with their help can choose not only the color of the tooth so that it naturally looks on the background of the others but also recreates the natural translucency. There is one of the new developments of nanocomposite filling materials that has the “chameleon effect”, used to accurately simulate the optical properties of tooth tissues.

Indirect teeth restoration  is carried out in three stages:


Preparation of teeth, imprint making;
The lab production of inlays, onlays, veneers, metal crowns, etc. With the help of restoration materials;

Fixation of the finished material on the tooth.

Indirect restoration is the most qualitative due to the fact that at the laboratory stage the technician absolutely precisely  selects the form of the restoration material, calculating how it will be combined with the patient’s own teeth and tissues. He is like a sculptor, finely and painstakingly sculpts part of the tooth from artificial materials, so that he approaches as close as possible to the perfection.. The choice of materials is very important.


teeth restoration  helped the restoration methodology development due to the desire of people to think not only about the functional activity of the teeth. Modern materials and technologies are used both at the planning stage and at the stage of treatment, which provides an amazing artistic result.

Where does carries originate and how to fight it?

All of us one way or another are familiar with the concept of caries from childhood.

But where does it come from?

The most common reason for the occurrence of caries is the wrong oral hygiene. But it is not always the case.

Yes, correct and timely brushing of teeth plays an important role in preventing caries disease, but another important reason is proper nutrition.

After a meal, namely, when carbs (in other words, sugar) get into the tooth enamel and interact with saliva, an acidic medium is formed. Such a medium is just fine for the reproduction of carious bacteria. Therefore, the known danger and the connection between sweet and caries are quite understandable.

Often we hear about the caries of very young children. Here, of course, the hereditary factor plays a role, and proper care and hygiene as well. But there is also

a concept that we did not know before. It is the fact that bacteria, which subsequently form caries, can be transmitted from mother to child. Since they can live in the oral cavity of the child already in the first months after birth, the mother, who has tasted food from the spoon, can quite pass the bacteria to the baby.

Try to include more fruits, vegetables in the diet and drink more simple purified water. Also cultivate these healthy habits to keep your children and their tee

th, a

s well as their body healthy.

Definitions of preventive dentistry:

Endodontics – therapy of dental canals, part of therapeutic stomatology about anatomy, pathology, and methods of treatment of the tooth cavity and root canals (endodont).

Endodontics is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pulpal diseases (soft tissue formation located inside the tooth).

Acute and chronic inflammation in the pulp and periodontitis causes pain in the patient. They can be a source of development of inflammatory processes of

the neck and maxillofacial part can give complications in diseases of internal organs and systems. Therefore, timely, competent and effective endodontic treatment is so important.

Modern methods of treatment can save even a severely damaged and infected tooth, prevent complications leading to tooth loss, serious diseases of soft and bony tissues.

The pulp is a soft tissue that contains nerves, arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels of the tooth. The pulp is contained  in the pulp chamber of the tooth (part of the tooth protruding above the gum) and in the root canals, surrounded by dentin – a bone-like tissue supporting the enamel.
If inflammation occurs , the pulp irritates the nerve, which in turn causes pain of a different nature (sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger). Periapical abscess (tooth abscess) may form near the tip of the root.
Endodontic treatment can include: cleaning the pulp chamber and root canals, forming canals and filling them, removing the pulp.


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