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Orthopedic dentistry | Stomatology Center

Orthopedic dentistry

8Everyone, sooner or later, faces the problem of damaged teeth and tooth row. Various internal diseases and the negative influence of external factors strongly affect the state of teeth, which results in problems. In such a situation, the main issue is to save the tooth, the continuity of the tooth row and return the former functionality of the pharyngeal system?

Answers to this question and the ways of solving this problem can be found only in the office of such a doctor as an orthopedist dentist. It is precisely the orthopedic dentistry involved in the diagnosis and treatment of defects in teeth and dental rows, and is also an important component in the complex treatment of diseases of periodontal tissues, temporomandibular joint, dental maxillofacial apparatus.

Specialists of the Dentistry Center have many years of experience in the field of orthopedics and can solve any problem, regardless of its complexity and age of the patient. After professional diagnosis, we develop an individual treatment plan that takes into account all the peculiarities of the patient’s problems and wishes.

  • In the framework of orthopedic treatment, we offer the following services:
  • • removable prosthetics;
  • • permanent prosthetics;
  • • installation of metal ceramic crowns;
  • • installation of ceramic plates on the surface of the tooth – veneers.

The specialists of our clinic carry out individual consultations and select the best solution for the problem for each client. We also provide each patient with information on the proper care of dentures, crowns or veneers, in order to enjoy the quality of our services for as long as possible and enjoy a free, smiling life..

Modern dentistry offers easy, imperceptible and easy to use removable dentures. The use of modern materials made it possible to make them as comfortable as possible and able to completely repeat the natural shape and appearance of the dentition. With such a denture, at any age you can enjoy life, enjoy your favorite food, give a smile to your loved ones, and also have no troubles communicating with people around you.


Non-removable prosthetics includes all kinds of prostheses that the patient will not remove on their own, without a visit to a specialist. Non-removable prosthesis allows you to restore lost functions and for a long time to forget about the problem. After performing the procedure, no special care for the teeth and dentures is required – just observing the usual oral hygiene.

The materials used today make it possible to receive dentures identical in shape and color with natural teeth.

The most popular type of prosthetics has always been and remains  the installation of dental crowns. The use of metal ceramics, as well as more refined nonmetallic ceramics, guarantees the receipt of quality crowns that will ensure the health and beauty of your teeth for a very long time. The beautiful aesthetic effect and reliability of the products will give your teeth a natural look and let your smile  shine with a new force.

In case of minor damage of the tooth surface, a good solution to the problem will be the veneers installation. The procedure consists of fixing thin and transparent ceramic plates on the tooth surface, which will greatly improve the appearance of the teeth and make your smile just perfect..

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