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Orthodontics. Teeth alignment. Bracket installation.

Teeth alignment (Orthodontics). Bite correction. Braces.11

Bite is not only a beautiful smile, problems can be invisible outside. This is not just an aesthetic problem. Different diseases of the teeth may occur.

Tooth decay most often develops in places of roughness of teeth – where they close. When the teeth of wisdom begin to grow, even if there was a minimal distortion before that, the tooth row could be significantly twisted. Why is teeth leveling postponed and is it worth  to postpone it? Most often, the main reasons are:

  1. Braces need to be worn for a long time
  2. Aesthetic reason: the braces are noticeable and associated with metal plates on the teeth

How much are the braces is also an important issue. We’ll try to figure out everything. Nowadays, there are many alternatives. How to choose braces and what braces are better?

Classic me13tal braces – they are now leaders in terms of accessibility; the result is reliable. They fully cope with correction of bite and leveling of the tooth row. This is the budget version of the bracket systems. It is for this reason that they are chosen. The minuses in such systems are sufficient: walking with a metal plate is not very aesthetic, can not be removed for a time, it is not convenient to clean, there may be an allergy to the metal.

Plastic systems – their main advantage over metal ones is that they are less noticeable. Not a high cost is an advantage of such systems. But they also have a lot of drawbacks: plastic brittle material can be painted, which in the end is even less aesthetic than the iron plates on the teeth. If you decide to put plastic braces – you will need to follow a diet that excludes very hard food and food with dyes.

Ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are great for everyone. They have no disadvantages of the two previous systems. They do not cause allergies, are not noticeable on the teeth and are very strong. Their cost is higher than plastic, but at the same time it fully justifies itself.

Sapphire braces are more like jewelry than bracket systems. Most often such systems  are  the choice of girls. Braces can even be very aesthetic and beautifully shimmer. In addition they are strong and correct  a bite. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to operate.

There are alternative brackets – systems and one of them – easyliners.

Easyliners (eliners) are capes that can be removed, more often transparent, an alternative to the classic bracket – systems used to equalize the teeth by the method of their sequential displacement.

There is a number of benefits to the easyliners:

  1. practically unnoticeable
  2. comfortable in wearing: do not affect the dictation, there is no irritation of the mucous membrane, it is possible to remove them for the time of important events
  3. Hygienic: when cleaning your oral cavity you can easily remove it
  4. Do not cause allergies
  5. do not damage the tooth enamel
  6. The effect is noticed already at the first stage of treatment

How much does it cost to level your teeth? It depends on the type of braces, braces on one jaw or on two. In any case, only an experienced orthodontist doctor can choose the optimal variant of tooth alignment. Call and write for advice. Our orthodontist will advise and choose the best option for you.

This is your first step on the way to a beautiful and healthy smile)

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