photo_751At a conference in North Carolina, “Evolution of human teeth,” the scientists voiced the main reason why teeth spoil-qualitative deterioration of food, it became softer. When people switched from poultry hunting to agriculture, and subsequently to supermarket products, the oral condition got worse. But that wasn’t the end, the next stage was a change in the diet, as well as a size reduction of a human jaw, which barely contains all 32 teeth.

Scientists, dentist...

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Teeth play an important role for a comfortable meal, providing brain activity and good memory at an adolescent age. At the universities of Sweden, as well as the Institute of Clinical Dentistry in Norway, they concluded on the role of chewing teeth...

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Not everyone knows that there is a fundamental difference between a dentist and a tooth doctor. Today we will talk about the nuances of the professions.

A dentist is a doctor with a higher medical education, who not only graduated from the university, but also completed the traineeship along with the internship. The dentist is an expert in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the teeth and other organs of the maxillofacial area...

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Many patients who have a painful experience of dental treatment in the past or a traumatic impression of staying in the dental chair are looking for dental care, free of pain and fear. Those who suffer from fear of dentists or excessive fear, can take sedation from the dentist to avoid negative emotions. Our clinic guarantees you that your visit to the dentist will be relaxing and enjoyable...

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  • As you know, person’s teeth change twice during life: first 20 teeth of the baby, and then 32 molars. And the name “baby teeth” gave Hippocrates, who was sure that the first teeth of the child draw their calcium and form from the mother’s milk.
  • Scientists have proved that in cocoa powder there is a substance that prevents the formation of caries.
  • The first electric toothbrush was patented in Switzerland after World War II...
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