About Us

центр стоматOUR MISSION: We bring to the world the of health and beauty smiles through the provision of quality and affordable dental services

OUR GOALS: To help people who turned to us for help, the best way for them.

The Dental Center provides all the services of dental care: filling with various materials, artistic restoration, removal of tartar, teeth whitening, caries treatment, replacement with permanent prostheses, installation of veneers, removal of teeth, pruning of the tongue and lips, removal of wisdom teeth with ultrasound apparatus “Piezon”, the installation of implants, alignment of the dentition.

The alignment of teeth is possible at any age not only with the help of a conventional metal plate, but also with modern technology – a metal or plastic bracket that helps even with jaw defects

There are 12 doctors in the Dental Center  , you can make an arrangement both in the clinic itself,

and by phone.
The clinic is eqкабинетuipped with modern equipment: viziograph, microscope, etc. You can remove tartar by ultrasound.

With the help of modern technology, the radiovisiograph (digital camera) the patient can see himself on a large monitor and assess the condition of his teeth.

The main criteria in the work for the Dental Center are: safe treatment, high quality and the best result.

Tкабинет сертификатhe principle of our work is an individual approach to each client. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor makes an individual treatment plan and coordinates it with the patient at each stage of treatment.


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